Spicy Chicken Bulgogi


Spicy Chicken Bulgogi is another popular Korean meat dish similar to Bulgogi.  However, instead of using beef, boneless and skinless sliced chicken is marinated in a specially blended red chili pepper paste (Gochujang of Korea’s representative spicy sauce), soy sauce, ginger roots and pear puree with various assortments of vegetables.

Spicy Chicken Bulgogi can be grilled or pan-cooked and it is usually served with a side of lettuce, perilla or other leafy vegetable, which is used to wrap a slice of cooked meat.

Cooking Directions


Place KBBQ brand Spicy Chicken Bulgogi in the refrigerator for about 24 hours or place unopened package under cool running water until thawed, approximately 30 – 60 minutes.  Use immediately (DO NOT RE-FREEZE).


Peel and cut onion, scallions, carrots, or add on other vegetables as desired.

Preheat a pan on medium high heat with some vegetable oil. Cook both sides of the meat until chicken is cooked through and browned.

Serve on a plate and sprinkle sesame seeds to garnish (optional). Enjoy with a bowl of steamed rice or make “Ssam” by wrapping a piece of meat with a dab of Ssamjang sauce in leafy lettuce.