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Time & Cost-Efficient Korean BBQ
We'll do the prep. Just add heat and serve.


KBBQ For Food Service

The KBBQ Meat Company is here to make adding authentic, Asian-inspired dishes to your current menu easy and affordable. Our seasoned meats are perfect for authentic dishes or fusion. Who doesn’t want to try a KBBQ cheesesteak? By preparing the meats for you in advance, you’ll save on labor costs and time, while enjoying the benefit of cooking up perfectly seasoned KBBQ from the start.

Bulgogi Beef
Kalbi Beef
Bulgolgi Pork
Spicy Bulgogi Chicken

Your Customers Want KBBQ

We make it easy to get the benefits of Korean BBQ on your menu

The data is in, adding Korean BBQ to your menu will increase customer orders. In a recent test on the University of Southern California campus, dishes made with KBBQ meats resulted in a 100% growth in orders, and the customers preferred KBBQ twice as much as other cuisines. When surveyed, 98% of customers would purchase dishes made with our KBBQ recipes again.

  • It tastes authentic because it is authentic
  • Korean BBQ is versatile and fusion-friendly
  • No need for training, preparation, or additional labor
  • We’ve got you covered with customer-tested recipes

Customer’s Choice: KBBQ Favorites

Here are just some of our recipes that we’ve tracked for improved performance

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