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KBBQ Meat Private Label Solutions
Expand your production capabilities with our expertly-crafted meat products

주문생산 (OEM)

Private Label Production

Whether you are expanding the production of your current products or creating a new product line, KBBQ Meat Company is your source for growth. We’ll bring our passion, expertise, and flavor to your products.

You Don't Have to Wait to Expand Operations

KBBQ Meat Company brings the experience and the meat to grow your product line.

KBBQ Meat Company can offer a wide range of expertise to grow your business. We can expand your production to exact specifications or work with you to develop new products and flavors.

  • Take advantage production capabilities
  • Grow without capital expenses
  • Experience you can depend on: We supply organizations of all sizes and will be familiar with your needs.
  • Our Chef is your Chef: Use our expertise to speed up R&D

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Let's Add KBBQ to the Menu

Contact us if you'd like to expand your menu with KBBQ Meat products.

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