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KBBQ Meat Company
Manufacturing Authentic Korean BBQ


KBBQ For Food Service

KBBQ Meat Company is here to make adding just one, or several authentic Asian-inspired dishes to your current menu easy and affordable. Our seasoned meats are perfect for authentic dishes or fusion. Who doesn't want to try a KBBQ Cheesesteak? By preparing the meats for you, you'll save on labor costs and time, while enjoying the benefit of cooking up perfectly seasoned KBBQ from the start.

KBBQ Meats
Bulgogi Beef
Spicy Bulgogi Chicken
Tankatsu Chicken

KBBQ Meat 소매

Retail KBBQ Meats

Your favorite Korean BBQ dishes, in the comfort of your home. We've done all the prep work, making it easy to have KBBQ for dinner. Now available at H.E.B. markets.

주문생산 (OEM)

Co-Pack & Private Label Production

Whether you are expanding production of your current products or creating a new product line, KBBQ Meat Company is your source for growth. We'll bring our passion, expertise, and the flavor to your products.

Why Source With KBBQ Meats Company?



Our meats are hand-cut and seasoned in our own processing facility. Our in-house chef designs flavors and cuts which are authentically Korean BBQ. You might say we brought KBBQ to Los Angeles, but kept the Seoul.

다용도 제품

Versatile Products

Our meats are good enough to eat by themselves, but they don’t have to be. We love Asian-style meats for their versatility—the possibilities are endless, from a KBBQ cheesesteak to bulgogi tacos. Whatever you dream up, the high-quality of KBBQ products will support it.

인건비 절감

Labor-Saving Efficiency

Why waste time butchering and marinating your own meat? We believe in making quality products at affordable prices so you won't have to buy special ingredients or learn special techniques just to enjoy authentic Asian-style meats.

We proudly supply restaurant chains, universities and grocery retailers across the US.

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Contact us if you'd like to expand your menu with KBBQ Meat porducts.

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